Bovine Bliss Re-Scentable Car Freshener
Bovine Bliss Re-Scentable Car Freshener

Bovine Bliss Re-Scentable Car Freshener

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Re-Scentable Round Car Freshener (Scent Not Included)

Experience the luxury of a fresh, personalized scent every time you step into your vehicle with our Re-scentable Round Car Freshener. This product offers the unique capability to imbue it with any fragrance of your choice, making each journey as pleasant as it can be.

Designed with a sleek, round shape, our car freshener fits seamlessly into your car's interior, adding a touch of elegance while eliminating odors. Its simple, minimalist aesthetic makes it an ideal accessory for any car, regardless of the make or model.

Crafted with a premium, absorbent material, this car freshener effectively retains your chosen fragrance for a lasting aromatic experience. Simply apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil or car fragrance oil, and the freshener will distribute the scent evenly throughout your vehicle, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

The Re-scentable Round Car Freshener is easy to install, with a sturdy string attached for hanging from your rear-view mirror or any other convenient spot in your car.

This product is reusable and eco-friendly, designed to reduce waste and encourage sustainability. It's the perfect solution for those who love the freshness of a scented car, but prefer the flexibility to switch fragrances as often as they'd like.

The Re-scentable Round Car Freshener is sold without a scent, allowing you to personalize your car's aroma based on your preferences. You can choose a calming lavender for those stressful traffic jams, a lively citrus for early morning rides, or any other scent that suits your mood.

Note: This product does not come with a scent included. Fragrance oils are sold separately.

Enjoy a clean, fresh-smelling car that reflects your personality with our Re-scentable Round Car Freshener. Order yours today and take control of your car's ambiance.

  • Reusable 
  • 100% polyester
  • The scent disc is 3" in diameter

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