What you really need in your hospital bag. 5 Essentials for Baby's Birth.

As you count down the days and weeks in anticipation of your little bundle of joy making their world appearance, have you remembered to pack a bag for the hospital? Let’s face it - there are tons of articles and videos detailing what to pack but really, your bag should only include the essentials that you and your newborn require. 

Let me begin by saying that…everything you’ve read is all a lie! Yes, a lie! You do not need to pack an entire household or even carry luggage (as I’ve seen some do). Prior to packing your bag, do yourself a favor and call ahead to the hospital you’ll be giving birth at - trust me, they’ll most likely have everything you need other than clothes (which they also have, haha).

Although I’m sure you want that comfy pajama outfit or robe of yours that you love, and of course a cute swaddle or gown for your baby, most hospitals will provide you with not only the typical gown and diapers for your baby but tons of essentials for mom too - such as nipple cream. Some hospitals even supply underwear, pads, towels, socks, a binder and yes, even a boppy. Please do yourself that favor and make the call before you pack. You don’t want to wind up in a hospital room full of crap you have to push in and pull out of a huge bag. After you call to find out what your hospital has on-hand, here are five essential items you should pack:

    1.Comfy clothes for yourself, and maybe your favorite pajamas or robe along               with some slippers or sandals.

     2.Outfits for your baby pictures. 🥰

     3. Toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, and any makeup you           may want.

     4. Chargers for your phone and cameras, etc.

     5. Your baby’s car seat.

That’s it! Yes, only that! More than likely you will be admitted to the hospital for a few days, part of which you’ll spend in a bed recovering, sleeping, snuggling and taking pictures of your new love, so there’s no need to bring a ton of items and no need to stress yourself out. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful process, and as you prepare to make these memories, make sure to check out our newborn gowns with matching hats and bows for those precious first moments of your baby’s life.

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